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Utopia_Hub is a new medium connecting creative individuals who are active in the fields of Communication and the Internet in general, both in research and through specific development projects. It is not only a natural and potential space for projecting and promoting ideas, projects, and proposals, but also a space fostering collaborations. Utopia_Hub has members, friends and guests.

The members are the active support network of the Utopia_Hub activities. They are the regular co-modulators of content trafficked and displayed on the Utopia_Hub sites. Together with the Management Team, they formulate the general objectives of Utopia_Hub.

Friends participate ad hoc in activities of their preference, choosing the degree and type of engagement, always in collaboration with members and the team.

Guests express their interest in collaborations and are regularly updated on the Utopia_Hub activities.

Utopia_Hub is run by the Management Team who applies the general objectives jointly set by the team and the members, facilitates links through Utopia_Hub, and activates members, friends and guests, always in the context of the general objectives set.

The team follows for all activities the standards of open and free access to all members and friends. However, it has sole responsibility for the daily, overall, orderly and consistent with the basic principles and objectives operation of Utopia_Hub.


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